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Have feral cats and kittens in your area? Learn more about our efforts to control the local feral cat population.

Help Feral Cats in New Jersey!


We have spayed and neutered over 2006 cats and have adopted over 764 cats and kittens to loving forever homes. We thank everyone who has support us, it is because of your generosity that we have been able to help save lives and continue to do so.


If you know of any outdoor cats or kittens in the West Orange area and need our assistance, or you are looking to adopt one of our adorable fosters, please reach out to us at Our total of spay/neutered feral as of 3/22 is 1,215

As always, donations are much appreciated as well!

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The Humane Solution


West Orange's trap-neuter-vaccinate-return-manage (TNR for short) is a program through which feral cats are:

  1.  Humanely trapped;

  2.  Spayed or neutered;

  3.  Treated for existing medical conditions and vaccinated; and

  4.  Returned to their outdoor colony.

Caregivers maintain the colony's health by feeding and monitoring the cats to ensure they remain healthy and the area in which they live remains safe and pest-free. 

We seek to socialize young kittens by placing them into foster homes for eventual adoption.